The papers proposed for publication will be submitted by e-mail to the editor-in-chief Petre T. Frangopol to the address and/or to the address The Editorial Board will analyze the manuscripts and reserves the right to accept/reject the paper sent for publication according to the policy of the journal.

The manuscript with a maximum number of 30 pages (A4 format), including the tables and the bibliographic references, will contain the title of the paper, the name of the author (authors), the institution where they are affiliated and their e-mail address. Each paper will have under the title in Romanian, the translation of the title in English language. The text of the papers will be preceded by an abstract in English language of maximum 100-150 words. A full page of text contains 60 rows in two columns/row (font size Times New Roman 11).

Figures must have a good resolution so that not to infringe upon the quality of the manuscript accepted for publication.

References, which will contain the integral title, will be consecutively numbered in the text and collected at the end of the paper in the following style for journals and books, respectively:

  • [1] L. Ad kins, A. Cormack, J. of Non-Cryst. Solids 357(14), Large-scale simulations of sodium silicate glasses, 2538(2011).
  • [2] M. Micoulaut, Rigidity and Boolchand Intermediate Phases in Nanomaterials, INOE, București, Chapter 5, Topological theories for rigidity transitions and the Boolchand intermediate phase, p. 129, 2009.

The management of the journal "Revista de Politica Științei Și Scientometrie - Serie Nouă" will send each manuscript to the reviewers for an expert critical examination. The comments of the reviewers and the decision of the Editorial Board regarding the publication will be sent to the corresponding authors. After the analysis of the papers by the Editorial Board and their acceptation for publication, the redaction of the journal reserves the right to request the authors some corrections of the papers with the purpose to solve problems related to technical processing.