Volume: Vol5, Issue 1/2016

Published on: Mar 2016

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A point of view regarding the reforms in education






1Universitatea Tehnică “Gheorghe Asachi” din Iaşi
2Universitatea Tehnică “Gheorghe Asachi”



The problem of education is of particular interest in the development strategy of a nation. This is why most countries are concerned at the governmental level with finding the best formula for education to assist the individual in evolving positively not only in order to serve the society, but also to reach the satisfaction of a full personal achievement. Such concerns are frequent in Romania too, as since 1989 each of those over 20 Ministers of Education who came up to this decision-making position has attempted to make history with a new education law and with various reform proposals (almost 60) regarding the curriculum, the structure of the school year, the phasing of the education levels, evaluation and examination. Unfortunately, without assuring the continuity and the evaluation over time of the results of the proposed measures, most experiments have failed to produce the desired effects. Moreover, a correlation between the reforms initiated and the real situation regarding the human, material and financial resources in Romania lacks. So, at present we are witnessing attempts to imitate high-performance education systems implemented in other countries, and a total confusion of parents, students and those who are supposed to put into practice the educational strategies.



Education, Reform, Resources, Educational performance




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