Volume: Vol5, Issue 2/2016

Published on: Jun 2016

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Are we ready for the transgenic salmon on the plate?






1Universitatea de Științe Agricole și Medicină Veterinară



After the commercialization of the first transgenic exotic zegrafish, recently Unites States and Canada approved the AqaAdvantage salmon for culture and consumption. With a capacity to mature more rapidly and reach the standard dimension in only 18 months, comparing with three years necessary for the wild-type salmon, the new triploid transgenic fish will have lots of advantage for the aquaculture. Are we prepared to have it on the plate? Some concerns of such new biotech product will always occur but this time the impact is not as important for the consumer’s acceptance as for the potential environmental impacts if these fish reaches rivers or oceans.



Salmon transgenic, AqaAdvantage salmon, Aquaculture salmon




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