Volume: Vol1, Issue 4/2012

Published on: Dec 2012

Contains 20 articles

Book Review Dictionary of General Microbiology and Molecular Biology






1Spitalul Universitar de Urgenţă Bucureşti



Microbiology and molecular biology are two areas of life sciences, closely related. Studies on the microorganisms have contributed to decode the molecular mechanisms of biological processes, with a great impact not only in biological sciences, but also in other connected fields: human medicine, agriculture, veterinary medicine, various industries that use biotechnology etc. Biological research in recent decades has benefited to a great extent, from technological advances in other areas, progress that led to the development of high-performance equipment for investigating living structures at the cellular, molecular (including biochemical) and even sub-molecular (atomic) levels. At the same time, it has accumulated a considerable amount of information regarding the molecular mechanisms that underlie the organization and functioning of living systems, which was highlighted by the appearance of a very rich specific language, accepted and used by the whole international scientific community. In this context, the appearance of a specialty dictionary in Romanian, giving an extensive coverage of this broad terminology was required, thus, with necessity. This Dictionary of General Microbiology and Molecular Biology is the result of several decades of author experience in the fields of microbiology and molecular biology. With about 10,000 terms and 1,347 pages, the dictionary might be useful as a source of information for all those interested: researchers in the fields of microbiology, molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics, physiology, genetics and, in equal measure, biologists, physicians, teachers and students, people of culture paying attention to knowledge and understanding of biology.





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