Volume: Vol1, Issue 2/2012

Published on: Jun 2012

Contains 13 articles

The Radiochemistry in Romania: past, present and just that?






1Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza Iași



In Romania, as well as all over the world, nuclear education and training is decreasing down to alarming levels. Our country now finds itself in an absurd situation: it develops routine activities all along the nuclear fuel cycle, but there is no longer hands-on education in radiochemistry. After a short overview and some historical considerations, this paper tries to point out the general and specific reasons for the decrease of this field in Romania and propose a few realistic strategies to solve the radiochemical staffing issues. There are two possible directions to follow in this respect: (1) to reactivate a laboratory of radiations sources in one of the main universities which might deserve all the related departments, or (2) to create a new structure, preferably on an existing nuclear platform and to allow new students from related universities to use the infrastructure. In both cases, an international selection must be undertaken, in order to ensure the best staff in such a sensitive field. Special funds will be needed initially in order to renovate/ build a nuclear unit for the present age and to equip it accordingly. Last but not least, there is a need of vision, including at the governmental level.





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