Volume: Vol4, Issue 2/2015

Published on: Jun 2015

Contains 17 articles

Psychology of Romanians and methodological skepticism






1Universitatea de Vest



The aim of this paper was to provide a critical review of the monograph entitled “The Psychology of Romanian People. Psychological Profile of Romanians” (by Professor Ph.D.Daniel David), from a research method perspective. The reading lenses took into account the author’s method option, which includes a multilevel and an interdisciplinary approach, a preference towards quantitative and cross-cultural research methods and towards an ethic and an objective approach, as well as the major reliance on secondary data analyses (with three new studies). Given the methodological features of this volume, the following points should be underlined: (a) cross-cultural comparisons are pertinent and possible to be done despite some technical limitations such as the difficulty to test the measurement invariance; (b) the author has taken a series of active measures to minimize the risk of statistical artifacts in the comparisons he has done; (c) the entire approach, including discussion, is in accordance with the requirements for an evidence based perspective. In conclusion, the volume benefits from an appropriate methodological support, in accordance to the complexity of the investigated problem and up to the modern standards in the field.



Quantitative vs. qualitative, Etic vs. emic, Evidence based approach, Interdisciplinary approach, Psychometrics




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