Volume: Vol5, Issue 2/2016

Published on: Jun 2016

Contains 15 articles

Generation 2050 and the science policy






1Academia de Studii Economice Bucureşti



This paper is inspired by the latest G3A’s (2015) Report and its subsequent initiative to open the debate about the role of science policy in a country project for Romania. We argue that a long-term vision for science should be about the youngest generation, people that will make decisions in and for Romania at the horizon of 2050. To articulate that vision, a mechanism should be implemented around three directions of action, namely (1) a complementary (or rather compensatory) effort of the leading scholars with a view to consolidating their disciplinary domains in Romania; (2) allocation of support according to the education and research needs specific to two distinct markets – global and local; and (3) attention to the thick complex of institutional development that goes beyond quality assessment.



Science policy, Institutions, Social mechanism, 2050, Economics, Romania




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