Volume: Vol5, Issue 2/2016

Published on: Jun 2016

Contains 15 articles

Examples of developed countries, source of inspiration for Romanian education and research






1Institutul Naţional de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Fizică şi Inginerie Nucleară “Horia Hulubei”
2Institutul Naţional de Fizică şi Inginerie Nucleară „Horia Hulubei”



Education and research together with public health and the infrastructure should be the main concern in making a country project. During the last ten years the country of affiliation of the Nobel Prize winners (Physics, Chemistry, Medicine and Economics) and Fields Medals are the following: 54 US, 11 UK, 11 France, 7 Japan, 4 Germany, 3 Israel, 2 China, 2 Norway, and one: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland and Russia. The highest percent of GDP for education in 2010 was spent in Denmark (about 8%), UK and Sweden (7%). The smallest (about 3%) is spent in Romania followed by Bulgaria (about 4%). After a brief mention of situation in France and Germany, the perspectives in Romania are outlined. One way to complete the list of publications of any research unit is to ask every researcher for his Google Scholar Profile.



Education, Research, Nobel Prizes, Field Medals, Education and research in France and Germany




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