Volume: Vol5, Issue 1/2016

Published on: Mar 2016

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Scientific Event – The 32sd edition of International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases (ICPIG) ...






1Facultatea de Fizică, Universitatea „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”



The prestigious International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases (ICPIG) is one of the oldest international conference in physics, which pioneered and become as a spring of many other conferences in plasma physics in the world. Since the first edition organized in 1953 by Oxford University the confence was held every two years mainly in European countries, but starting with the 22 edition, also in United States, Japan and Mexic. In 1969 the nineth edition of the ICPIG was for the first time ogranized in Bucharest by Institute of Physics of Romanian Academy, which reached the largest number of participants. The present edition of ICPIG was organized in Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, in collaboration with National Institute for Nuclear Physics and Engineering – Horia Hulubei and National Institute for Laser Physics, Plasma and Radiation form Bucharest and other institutions. There were presented 10 General Lectures, 24 Topical Lectures and 8 Invited Lectures in two Special Sessions. Other 247 scientific contributions were accepted as poster presentation. In total there were 815 authors and 307 participants registered. All information on organization, content of abstracts and final report on the conference are accessible on electronic address www.icpig2015.net



ICPIG, Electrical discharges




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