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Ecaterina Ciorănescu – Neniţescu






1Centrul de Chimie Organică „Costin D. Neniţescu” al Academiei Române,



One of the greatest Roumanian chemist, Ecaterina Cioranescu-Nenitescu (1909-2000) studied chemistry at the Science Faculty, Bucharest University (1928-1932) and obtained her Ph.D. (1936) also at the University of Bucharest under the supervision of Costin D. Nenitescu. In 1936 she moved at the new department of organic chemistry of Polytechnic School Bucharest, later (1938) included in the new created Faculty of Industrial Chemistry. She was the first women appointed as assistant (1936) in the Organic Chemistry Department of this School. Then she was successively lecturer (1941), associate professor (1949) and full professor (1962) in the same department. She taught until her retirement (1977). Her treatise Drug Syntheses (2 editions) was an introduction of a new field in the curricula of the Faculty, very important for the development of the Romanian drug industry. After 1970, she became director of the Center of Organic Chemistry of the Romanian Academy and then (1977) honorary director (until 1990). She supervised between 1969-1999 the research of 21 chemical engineers who obtained their Ph.D. degrees under her guidance. In addition to discovering one “name reaction” and a lot of new organic compounds, professor Cioranescu and her co-workers introduced novel research areas in Romanian chemistry such as the study of reactions of aliphatic and aliciclic compounds catalyzed by aluminium chloride, heterocycle chemistry (oxazoles, azlactones), reactions of carbenium ions, syntheses of new medicinal drugs etc. She was elected corresponding member in 1963 and titular member, in 1974, of the Romanian Academy. For her achievements she was awarded Romania’s State Prize in 1954. She was elected in the Tiberina Academy of Rome (1971). She is one of the nine children of a famous Romanian family dynasty who gave several international and national personalities of the Romanian culture (chemistry, mathematics, linguistic, engineering).



Cioranescu-Nenitescu, Great roumanian chemist, Ecaterina Cioranescu.




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