Volume: Vol5, Issue 2/2016

Published on: Jun 2016

Contains 15 articles

Romanian speleological research. Priorities, cooperations and their international visibility






1Muzeul Naţional de Istorie Naturală “Grigore Antipa”



A short presentation of the mission and research objectives of speleology in Romania are presented. A special place is dedicated to the founder of biospeleology and of the Institute of Speleology in 1920, in Cluj, Emil Racovitza.. After Racovitza passed away in 1947, the speleological research practically stopped until 1956 when professor Constantin Motaş founded the Central Institute of Speololgy in Bucharest. The director Motaş, with his deputy director Traian Orghidan, established scientific international cooperation and organized speleological expeditions in Cuba, Majorca Island, former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Israel etc. Last year, a number of 32 specialists from „Emile Racovitza” Institute of Speleology, published 44 scientific papers, 4 books and two chapters in books. A new Laboratory (of Hydrogeochemistry) was organized in 2015.



Research speleology, Emil Racovitza, Romanian speleology




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