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Published on: Jun 2015

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Aurel Avramescu a precursor of modern Scientometrics









The paper presents the contribution to the theoretical scientometrics of an undeservedly forgotten interesting researcher. Basically an electro-technical engineer with a doctor’s degree at the Dresden Polytechnical Institute, he conceived a surprisingly bridge between physics, information science and scientometrics, starting from a thermo-conductive model to describe the information dissemination. Thus, the diffusion of the scientific information is handled by the same mathematical equations which govern the heat conduction in matter. This method is not probabilistic and it has the advantage to introduce the time coordinate into the phenomenon of bibliographic counts. It is worth noting that professor A. Avramescu rediscovered by his physical method the already known aspect of some bibliometric laws. Based on his model he proposes as a theme of discussion the study of the role of the entropy in the information transfer. Unfortunately professor A. Avramescu ended his life before his last book written in 1984 was published ( Quantifying Scientific Information Diffusion, 2007 ). The work of Aurel Avramescu represents a courageous example of interdisciplinary approach which deserves further investigations.



Scientific information diffusion, Bibliometrics, Physical model




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