Volume: Vol4, Issue 3/2015

Published on: Sep 2015

Contains 15 articles

Three fine tuned principles in research, development, innovation and higher education






1Universitatea din Bucureşti



Three main priciples lay to the foundations of robust and healthy national scientific research, development, innovation (R&D) and higher education systems: adequate funding, correct assessment of scientific results (individual, institutional, national, peer-review of financing applications, post-grant monitoring) and continuity of R&D and higher educational policies. These three principles cannot function separately, the fine tuning between all three of them is essential. Fine tuning is impossible because of a wider context, as long as elementary education is facing failure and the rest of national structures are under similar threats, such as brain-drain, subfinancing or poor human resources.



Funding, Assessment of scientific results, Continuity of policies, Fine tuning




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