Volume: Vol5, Issue 1/2016

Published on: Mar 2016

Contains 15 articles

Romanian school of pulp and paper






1Universitatea Tehnică “Gheorghe Asachi” din Iaşi
2Universitatea Tehnică “Gheorghe Asachi”



The paper manufacture has a long tradition on the Romanian territory. The Romanian school of pulp and paper was founded in the Polytechnic Institute of Iași in 1949 and here it is alone place in Romania where the chemical engineers are prepared as specialists in this field. This paper presents main achievements obtained during the years in the education and research activities, recognized at national and international levels. Among them, it worth mentioning, along with education and scientific results the international symposia in the chemistry and technology of cellulose (14) and the foundation of peer reviewed international journal “Cellulose Chemistry and Technology" (1966). At present, the production of pulp and paper is among the very few industries corresponding to the principles of sustainable development and which can be integrated in an industrial complex based on biorefining for full valorization of biomass resources. Therefore, in the next future Romanian school of pulp and paper could be developed toward approach the education and research in the inter- and trans-disciplinary fields.



Pulp, Education, Research, Chemical engineers, Sustainable Development, Biorefining, Biomass




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