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Cercetarea geologică: mente et maleo* - trecut și viitor






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Geological research, with the past in the humanity history, came today to highlight the needs of society: energy resources, mineral resources, mineral waters, but to explain the causes of natural hazards, too: earthquakes, floods, landslide, tsunami, volcanic eruptions. Theoretical concepts have evolved from the Principle of Geology (Ch.Lyell, 1833) Continental drift (A.Wegener, 1912), and Plate tectonics (B.Heezen, 1960 et al...) and underlie the development of 3D models required to identify bodies of ore deposits and oil-gas reservoirs. Researchers-looking for some alternatives to non-renewable and exhaustible natural resources were shifted to exploring marine and ocean spaces (Glomar Challenger, 1968-1983). Their results have been beneficial and, discovered ore-resources, or hydrocarbon reservoirs - waiting to be used.Performing Labs, with expensive equipment, collected the necessary data for probability analyses and their results are disseminated in scientific journals. Exploitation techniques have evolved and protects the environment.


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Geology, Research, Education, Mineral Resources, Natural hazards




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