Volume: Vol3, Issue 3/2014

Published on: Sep 2014

Contains 13 articles

Book review “Essays and conversations about life with psychologist Daniel David”






1Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai,



This is a book review discussing the recently published Essays and Conversations about Life with Daniel David (Polirom, 2014). We argue that this is an important publication in the Romanian psychology literature, as it approaches highly relevant individual and social issues from a scientific, evidence-based perspective. The book is structured into two parts, one approaching issues related to self-development (e.g., happiness, values, courage, rationality), and one dedicated to social issues (e.g., the relationship between science and religion, the role of intellectuals in society). We briefly present each part and discuss the implications of the issues raised by the author.



Book review, Self-development, Social responsibility, Happiness, Rationality




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