Volume: Vol2, Issue 2/2013

Published on: Jun 2013

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Physics education in Europe – as revealed by steps two project






1Facultatea de Fizica, Universitatea Bucuresti



The STEPS TWO (Stakeholders Tune European Physics Studies TWO) project brought together Physics Departments from more than 70 universities from Europe to strengthen European links and dialogue within the Physics discipline and to stimulate cooperation in the European Higher Education Area. The project’s objectives were focused on three major themes: Curriculum innovation and new trends in educational offer, Modern teaching in physics and Physics teacher education, aiming at helping university Physics Departments to have a greater European vision in their strategic institutional development, following the structural changes of the Bologna process and in their response to the Lisbon goals (e.g. increasing the number of Physics graduates). In terms of outcomes the project has concentrated on (a) producing ‘benchmarks’ for physics degrees and for teacher training, (b) creating a large database on ‘New methods in physics teaching’ including an evaluation of their effectiveness, and (c) conducting and reporting on a large survey of ‘Physics teacher education’ throughout Europe (partly translated into several EU languages). In all these areas, recommendations have been made and concrete strategies offered. The outcomes of the project are important for all higher education institutions providing Physics and related Physics course degrees, academics and students in Europe and not only, as well as for organizations which have a role in pre-university physics learning or in quality assurance of education in physics.



Physics, Education, Europe.




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