Volume: Vol1, Issue 3/2012

Published on: Sep 2012

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Horia Hulubei






1Institutul Naţional de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Fizică şi Inginerie Nucleară “Horia Hulubei”



The scientific personality of Horia Hulubei and his distinguished reputation in Romania and abroad as a great scientist and manager, also as a founder of the Institute of Atomic Physics of Romania, now the Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering and the Atomic and Nuclear Physics Department of the University of Bucharest, are presented. He devoted his life to the development of physics in Romania. He was the first to start modern physics research and teaching in Romania. After his studies at the University of Iaşi, Romania, he submitted his PhD thesis (1933) under the supervision of Jean Perrin (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1926). He initiated and performed a number of investigations on Raman spectra, rare gases spectra, also searching for new elements, e.g. Moldavium (1936), later identified as Francium (1939) by M. Perrey. For his research in France, Hulubei was appointed “Maître de Recherches” and then “Directeur de Recherches”. He returned (1938) to Romania as Professor of the University of Iaşi, moved to the University of Bucharest (1940) where he was appointed Rector (1941-1944). In 1949, he was appointed Director of the first Institute of Physics of Romania, which was divided later (1956) in two, and thus, the Institute of Atomic Physics (IAP) came into being, having as Director Professor Horia Hulubei. The IAP is credited with some outstanding scientific achievements realised for the first time in Romania: the first computers, the beginning of the Romanian electronics science, radiochemistry, modern organic chemistry, the beginning of the Romanian nuclear energetic, nuclear medicine etc. The Institute of Atomic Physics became a centre of excellence and of technological progress for the Romanian economy. The prominent personality of Professor Horia Hulubei marked a turning point in the history of Romanian science.





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