Volume: Vol1, Issue 3/2012

Published on: Sep 2012

Contains 15 articles

On the quality of Romanian scientific journals






1Facultatea de Automatică şi Calculatoare, Universitatea “Politehnica” din Bucureşti



n this paper we study the quality of the ISI indexed Romanian scientific journals through the percentage of selfcitations, which is the percentage of citations in articles from a journal that refer to articles published in the same journal. In general, and also for specific countries like Germany and China, this percentage is small (e.g. below 20%) for a large number of journals. For Romania, the situation is reversed: the majority of journals have a high self-citation rate. This leads us to infer that many Romanian journals have low quality and they actually circulate in an almost closed community. We also discuss possible means to increase the quality and visibility of Romanian journals and answer, mostly in the negative, the question if the state should specifically support scientific journals.





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