Volume: Vol4, Issue 1/2015

Published on: Apr 2015

Contains 15 articles

Book review:"Fundaments of robotherapy and phychotherapy through virtual reality"






1Department of Psychology, University of Bucharest



Integrating social and behavioral sciences (which are by tradition rather non-technological approaches) with technology is one of the major challenges of these domains, and psychology is no exception. The volume "Psychology and Technology: Fundaments of Robotherapy and Psychotherapy through Virtual Reality" addresses this important and innovative topic with a robust evidence-based approach. The book gives the reader throughout its five chapters first of all a basic understanding of the principles behind such an integration. But, as the book is the result of work done by a group of researchers at the Babes-Bolyai University, who are active through the International Institute for the Advanced Study of Psychotherapy and Applied Mental Health, the book is by no means theory-driven, but also explores directions for the application of said principles, in empirical studies and in professional work. The authors take a militant stance on the integration between psychology and technology. Given their background as psychotherapists, they explore integration only in this area of professional work.



Psychology and Technology




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