@article{RPSS-2012-1-3-30, author = { MARIAN STAŞ }, title = { Leadership “real“: schimbarea adaptivă a educaţiei – argument strategic privind transformarea şcolii ca sistem în România }, volume = { 1 }, number = { 3 }, pages = { 204-217 }, year = { 2012 }, abstract ={ The paper argues that the current state of affairs in the public Education system qualifies itself as the third inflection point in over 130 years of modern Romanian history, with a strategic need for major transformation processes to be initiatied, only comparable to the ones which took place at the end of the XIX-th century, coordinated by Spiru Haret, and after World War II – the communist reform, respectively. Given the scope of the adaptive change interventions, the emphasys is put on transformational leadership, as the main conceptual drive of such endeavor. To illustrate the argument, the paper presents a case study of what, in the author’s opinion, represents the starting point in redesigning the pre-university school system – a model of transforming the current curricular architecture, which has proven its limits beyond doubt. Once the process launched, the paper argues that profound learning, at the societal level, will be generated. }, URL = { http://rpss.inoe.ro/articles/30 }, eprint = { http://rpss.inoe.ro/articles/30/file }, journal = { Revista de Politica Stiintei si Scientometrie – Serie Noua } }