@article{RPSS-2015-4-2-209, author = { Gheorghe Cuciureanu }, title = { Managementul sistemului national de cercetare-dezvoltare în contextul proceselor de globalizare }, volume = { 4 }, number = { 2 }, pages = { 136-144 }, year = { 2015 }, abstract ={ The paper represents the summary of the habilitate thesis. The purpose of the study was to substantiate and develop ways to improve the management of the national research and development (R&D) of the Republic of Moldova. This system is influenced by globalization processes, the European integration and the transition to the knowledge economy, by the socialist past and by the small size of the scientific community. In the paper we determine the influence of globalization on national R&D systems; we evaluate the R&D system of the Republic of Moldova and the level of integration in the international scientific circuit; we identify solutions to improve the management of the system and we develop the practical recommendations of science policy. }, URL = { http://rpss.inoe.ro/articles/209 }, eprint = { http://rpss.inoe.ro/articles/209/file }, journal = { Revista de Politica Stiintei si Scientometrie – Serie Noua } }