@article{RPSS-2013-2-1-67, author = { ZENO SIMON }, title = { Coriolan Drăgulescu, ctitor al învăţământului superior şi al cercetării de chimie, în Banat }, volume = { 2 }, number = { 1 }, pages = { 52-56 }, year = { 2013 }, abstract ={ Coriolan Drăgulescu was born in Vărădia, Banat in 1907. He graduated in chemistry at the University of Cluj, where he obtained also his Doctor of Sciences degree in 1936. The chemical faculty was in refuge in Timisoara in 1940-1945 and, after the Second World War, in 1948, a Faculty of Industrial Chemistry was here created, with professor Coriolan Drăgulescu as its first dean. After succesfully overcoming the post war difficulties, this new faculty became, in 1966, the host of the 3rd. Republican Chemistry Conference, with attendance of several international first rank chemists. C. Drăgulescu had a first rank contribution in the establishment, in 1951, of the Branch of the Romanian Academy in Timişoara and, in 1966, of the Chemistry Research Center. The research directions initiated and headed by him were in the domain of analytical and inorganic chemistry. C. Drăgulescu was elected member of the Romanian Academy in 1963 and represented Romania at the IUPAC council. He died in 1977. }, URL = { http://rpss.inoe.ro/articles/67 }, eprint = { http://rpss.inoe.ro/articles/67/file }, journal = { Revista de Politica Stiintei si Scientometrie – Serie Noua } }