@article{RPSS-2015-4-2-204, author = { }, title = { De ce am avea nevoie de o „psihologie a poporului român”? }, volume = { 4 }, number = { 2 }, pages = { 107-109 }, year = { 2015 }, abstract ={ At the beginning, we briefly evoked factors that may trigger some controversial reactions after a volume on "the psychology of the Romanian people" has been published. The author then illustrates how, in the absence of specialized knowledge (cognitive/clinical, experimental/psychometric, and cross-cultural psychology), we could make mistakes in judging the pertinence of the scientific analyses and quality of conclusions offered by such a volume. In the second part of the article we imagined possible lines of action that will be triggered by the publication of the book The Psychology of the Romanian people. The psychological profile of Romanians (Daniel David, 2015) and a few considerations were made on how such information could be capitalized in social practice. }, URL = { http://rpss.inoe.ro/articles/204 }, eprint = { http://rpss.inoe.ro/articles/204/file }, journal = { Revista de Politica Stiintei si Scientometrie – Serie Noua } }